TX81Z Programmer v1.25 (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 8, 9, 10) Released Sept 18, 2017 TX81Z_Programmer_1.25_Setup.msi 1215 KB
TX81Z Programmer v1.25 for Windows XP
  • Back by popular demand, this is a version compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 for Windows XP. No installer!
Released Feb 19, 2019 TX81Z_1.25_WinXP.zip 882 KB
1410 Voice TX81Z Library
  • This is a compilation of TX81Z sounds found on Yamaha's Classic Corner. They are stored in TX81Z Programmer library format in alphabetical order with the duplicates removed.
Released Aug 7, 2005 Yamaha.tx8 238 KB

This is the home page for a program I wrote called TX81Z Programmer and it is a software program that creates a computer-based interface for editing Yamaha's TX81Z synthesizer module, and it makes editing the sounds and parameters a lot easier than doing it from the front panel. It also has a simple sysex librarian built-in, so you can keep all your patches in one place and organize them.

Here, I'll give you a little tour of the program, not unlike the tour you get when your best friend buys a new house. This is a picture of the main window:

It has three views so you can transfer data between them easily. At the top is the snapshot, which shows you what data has been received from the unit. Below that are two library windows where you can store items, copy them around, and give them comments (I don't have any comments in the picture, but the blank space after the patch name is where the comment goes). A library is just a file that can store a large number of items.

The snapshot is composed of the different items that can be edited in the unit. The VCED item at the top represents the voice edit buffer. Double clicking on that will open the voice editor:

It's a big window, but you can shrink it down and use scrollbars if you need to. All of the parameters for a single voice are in this window. It also has graphs of the EGs, menus that allow for manipulating multiple parameters and other editing features.

Below the VCED in the snapshot is the PCED, the performance editor and this is where multi-voice performances can be set up for splitting and layering and so on:

The TX81Z has some simple MIDI effects that can be used in performances and previewed in single voice mode. This editor is the editor that affects the effects:

Unfortunately, not all of the patches on the TX81Z can be accessed with program changes, as the unit does not support bank change messages, but it does have a special program change table that allows you to map the 128 program numbers to whichever of the 184 voices and performances you want them to change to.

The TX81Z can also be retuned for different scales. In the TX81Z Programmer this is done with the microtuning editors. The TX81Z can be microtuned by octave or the entire keyboard. This is a picture of the octave microtuning editor (the full keyboard editor looks the same):

Finally, there's the system setup editor, where you set up MIDI channels and other systemwide parameters (I put some instructions in this window that I thought were particularly important):

Well, that's it for the quick tour of the program. Download it for free and give it a spin! If you enjoy synth programming and enjoy the TX81Z, then I think you will like it.

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