Matt Gregory's Computer Programs

This site contains some computer programs I've written: an editor for the TX81Z synthesizer and a couple of graphical things like a Mandelbrot fractal program.

Computer programs


TX81Z Programmer v1.25
  • A complete editor and librarian for Yamaha's TX81Z synthesizer module with many advanced editing features. Now free software!
    Take the tour!

    For more info on the TX81Z don't miss The TX81Z Homepage
    Source code repository is hosted on Github.
Released Sept 18, 2017 TX81Z_Programmer_1.25_Setup.msi 1215 KB
1410 Voice TX81Z Library
  • This is a compilation of TX81Z sounds found on Yamaha's Classic Corner. They are stored in TX81Z Programmer library format in alphabetical order with duplicates removed.
Released Aug 7, 2005 Yamaha.tx8 238 KB
VidPoker v1.0
  • A video poker game simulator with several types of machines. Requires cards.dll, which shipped with Windows XP, but no longer ships with Windows, I guess. Just put it in the same directory.
Released July 12, 2006 VidPoker.exe 115 KB
FM Spectrum Grapher v1.4
  • This is a program that graphs simple FM spectra as it appies to FM synthesis. It just has one carrier and one modulator.
Released Feb 26, 2005 FMSpect.exe 43 KB
Mandelbrot fractal viewer v1.5
  • The quintessential fractal. You'll probably recognize it when you see it.
Released Jan 19, 2005 Mandelbrot.exe 47 KB
Drops in color v1.0
  • A simulation of colored water?
Released Feb 18, 2004 DropsC.scr 26 KB
Drops screensaver v1.0
  • A simulation of water, kinda.
Released Feb 18, 2004 Drops.scr 26 KB
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