The Greeting Message

When you turn the TX81Z power on, it displays a greeting message, initially set to "<Good morning!!>". You can change this by turning the power on while pressing STORE. Use the CURSOR keys to move the blinking cursor and use DEC/INC to select characters. (The character table is on p.23.) When you are finished, press PARAMETER, EDIT or PLAY to return to normal operation.
The next time you turn the power on, your new message will be displayed.

— TX81Z manual p.46

The question remains: why is it initially set to "<Good morning!!>"? My personal theory is that when you power the unit on, in a sense you're waking up the unit, and it's only polite for someone (or something) to say "<Good morning!!>" when they wake up. I say that all the time.

I hope that resolves the deep concern I know you have been harboring about this.


This just in: I received an email with an alternate theory from Kevin R. Marshall. Here's what he had to say:


Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 02:54:47 -0400
Subject: TX81Z "Good Morning" message


Nice TX81Z site, i especially liked the FM Overview page. I have an
alternate theory in regards to why the TX81Z says "Good Morning" on
power up. The Japanese language uses three salutations that are based
on the time of day.

Ohio-gozaimas - "Good Morning"
Konichiwa - "Good Day"
Konbanwa - "Good Evening"

(my romaji-Japanese spelling up there may well be off)

Each of these are used at the appropriate time of day..... except for
a work situation. When a Japanese person arrives at work to begin their
"work day", they will say "Ohio-gozaimas", The Japanese version of "Good
Morning". They will say this no matter the time of day or night. 

Perhaps "Good Morning" in the TX81Z case was the Japanese translation
of "I'm Ready, Let's Begin Work"! The Japanese are known for filling
their products, particularly those made in the 80's with odd translations
(such as the car name "Mitsubishi Starion" actually being a misspelled
version of the word "stallion").

Just a hunch, thanks for the site,
Kevin R. Marshall


Thank you for sending that in, Kevin! That was really insightful!

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