Performance Bundles

A performance bundle is a way to keep a performance and all its dependents together in one library item. To create a bundle, select a performance in the snapshot and click one of the bundle buttons. The program will take the performance, its voices, its effects if it uses them, and the octave user microtunings table or the full keyboard table if it uses one of them, and it will pack all of these into one item.

To unpack a bundle, you can double-click on it in the library list, or select it and click the Copy Items From Lib button in the snapshot area. This will bring up the Place Performance Bundle Items dialog box.

You can use this to select which items to copy and where you want to copy them into the snapshot. The items that are contained in the bundle appear in the left list box and the valid locations where items can be copied to the snapshot appear on the right.

Placing Items

To place an item, select it on the left and select its destination on the right and, if the destination is valid, the Place button will become enabled. Click it to place the item. The type of the bundled item will change to the location where it will be placed and the items on both sides of the placements are painted red.

Removing Placements That You've Made

If you change your mind about a placement, you can click on both items again and the button in the middle will turn into an Unplace button. Click it to remove the placement.

Grayed Items

When you open this window, it will scan the snapshot to see if any of the items in the bundle already exist in the snapshot. If so, it will gray out the item and change the type to the location of the duplicate item in the snapshot.

Doing The Actual Copying

Nothing is copied while you're doing all this placing and unplacing. When you click the Ok button, then whatever items you have placed are copied into the snapshot. You don't have to place all items if you don't want to.

When Items Are Transmitted To The TX81Z

Unbundling items won't automatically transmit them to the TX81Z. In order to send bank items to the TX81Z, you have to send the entire bank, so I didn't think it was a good idea to do this automatically. If you want to transmit the items, use the Transmit Snapshot Data button in the snapshot section of the main window.

About Valid Locations Where Items Can Be Unbundled

The item types in the bundle are library types, so PMEM's are packed performances that can be unbundled into one of the PF01..PF24 slots in the snapshot, and the VMEM's are packed voices that can be unbundled into the I01..I32 slots.

You can't unbundle the PMEM into the PCED or a VMEM into the VCED. You can create a bundle from the PCED, however.

About The Bundle Name

The name of the bundle is the same as the name of the performance, so if you rename the bundle in the library list, the performance it contains will be renamed.

About The Bundle Comment

When you create a bundle, the program will create a comment for it, which gives a summary of what is contained in the bundle. I only did this for your convenience — you can recomment a bundle with no ill effects.