Edit Buffers

When you change patches on the TX81Z, the unit doesn't really "go" directly to a patch in memory. It fetches the patch from a memory bank and copies it to its internal edit buffer. This is how you can edit a patch on the unit without modifying the memory bank. You have to explicitly store the edit buffer to modify the bank.

The program keeps track of the edit buffers by treating them as separate items from the items in a bank. The voice edit buffer is called the VCED and the performance edit buffer is called the PCED in the sysex part of the TX81Z manual, so these are the labels I used to represent their types in the snapshot.

Voice edits always affect the VCED item in the snapshot, and performance edits always affect the PCED item. It's not possible to edit a bank or library item in-place, it has to be copied to one of the edit buffers first. The other items, like the program change table and the system setup, don't have edit buffers, so they are edited in-place.