Editable Items

Out of all the hundreds or even thousands of items that you can manage with the TX81Z Programmer, only seven of them are directly editable and those are the first seven items in the snapshot: the VCED, the PCED, the effects settings, the program change table, the two microtuning tables, and the system setup. Each of these items has its own editor window, which you can bring up by selecting the item in the snapshot list and clicking the "Edit Item" button.

Anything else you want to edit has to be copied into one of these seven items before it can be edited. This is usually done automatically and it will replace the current contents of the item with the item you want to edit before bringing up the editor for that item. For example, if you have a voice called "GrandPiano" in the voice edit buffer (see Edit Buffers), and you double-click on a patch in a library called "Uprt Piano" in order to edit it, "GrandPiano" will be erased out of the voice edit buffer and replaced with "Uprt Piano".

There are a number of situations in which the contents of an editable item are replaced:

A Word Of Warning

The snapshot was designed to act as a reflection of what is currently stored in the TX81Z. It shouldn't be used as a library. You should always use a scratch file as the working snapshot, especially if you have the TX81Z Programmer set up to automatically save snapshots when you close the program or open a new snapshot.

If you want to use snapshots to store different TX81Z setups to use in different situations, do it with the "Save Copy As..." and "Load Copy" items in the snapshot menu. This will prevent the program from saving changes to your setups that you didn't intend to save.