Effects Editor

The TX81Z has some simple MIDI effects that can be used with performances. You can hear the effects in single mode, but only when the effects are actually being edited, so that's more of a previewing type of function. In other words, you can't save effect settings with individual voices. In fact, the settings of the effects is global, which means there is one only one set of effect settings for all 24 performances. The only thing saved with a performance is which of the three effects (or none of them) is used with the performance. Kind of sucks, but that's how it is.

Delay (Effect 1)

This produces a MIDI delay effect, which repeats the notes you are playing, as far as the polyphony of the unit allows (the unit has a polyphony of eight, so only eight notes can sound off at a time, and this delay works within that limitation).


This the delay time setting, from 0.01 seconds to 1.28 seconds.

Pitch Shift

This determines how much the pitch is shifted for each instance of the delay.


Feedback determines how many times the sound will repeat due to the delay.

Effect Level

This is the overall volume of the effect.

Pan (Effect 2)

Panning will make the sound shift from output I to output II in various ways.


This selects the method that is used to determine the volume of the sound out of outputs I and II.


This will flip the pan direction. If this is set to II->I, then the relationships for the above settings will be reversed.

Pan Range

This determines how much panning will occur, in terms of depth.

Chord (Effect 3)

This is where you set up the chording effect, which causes the unit to play chords for each single note that you play. One chord can be set up for each note in the octave, and each chord can have up to 4 notes. To assign notes to a chord, depress the button of the note you want to assign the chord to, and use the keyboard display to toggle the notes of the chord off and on.