Item Types

A TX81Z setup is composed of different items: voices, performances, the program change table and other settings. An item is basically something that you can edit and copy between files. Each item has a code associated with it, so you can see at a glance what the item is. Here is a list of the type codes and what they represent:

Type Code Description
VCED Voice Edit Buffer
PCED Performance Edit Buffer
FX Effect Settings
PC Program Change Table
MTO Microtunings (Octave)
MTF Microtunings (Full)
SYS System Setup
I01..I32 Internal Voice Bank, Voices 1 to 32
PF01..PF24 Internal Performance Bank, Performances 1 to 24
A01..A32 Preset Voice Bank A, Voices 1 to 32
B01..B32 Preset Voice Bank B, Voices 1 to 32
C01..C32 Preset Voice Bank C, Voices 1 to 32
D01..D32 Preset Voice Bank D, Voices 1 to 32
VMEM A voice stored in a library.
PMEM A performance stored in a library.
BNDL A performance bundle stored in a library.