Library Area

Library Lists

Each library list is divided into three columns. The first column is the item type, the second column is the item name, and the third column is the item comment, which can be set with the Recomment button.

You'll probably notice that there are two library lists. I did this solely for convenience in copying items between libraries. They are both identical and have the same functionality. They work just like regular Windows list boxes.

Double-clicking on a library item will copy that item into one of the editable items of the snapshot, send the item to the TX81Z, and open the editor for that item. However, if the Do Not Open Editor When Double-Clicking Bank Items option is turned on, the program will not open an editor, so you can audition the library items.

Count And Selected Indicators

The count indicators above the library lists tell you how many items are in the library.

The selected indicators tell you how many items you have selected so you can copy library items into the snapshot.

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