Library Buttons

The library buttons allow you to manipulate the contents of libraries.


The copy button will copy the selected items to the other library. You can only have selected items in one library at a time, and the icon on the copy button will point to the other library, so it should be pretty obvious what will happen when you click the copy button.

Where the copied items end up in the destination library's list box depends on what sort is activated. It will place the items in sorted order.

If you have the Disallow Duplicates In Libraries option selected in the main menu, then any duplicates you try to copy will not copy over, but the items that were duplicated are selected in the destination list after the copy.

Items that have different names but have all the same parameter settings are considered duplicates in this context.


Deletes the selected items from the library.


This will bring up the Rename dialog to allow you to rename all of the selected items.

All of the selected items will be given the name you enter in the Enter New Name: field. You can make these unique by checking the Use Item umbers option (this will be disabled if only one item is selected). Checking this will enable the count controls. The Start Counting At field lets you set the starting number to being counting. The Count Position slider lets you place the rightmost digit of the number. The counting begins with the top item in the selection and is incremented by one for each item going down.

Item names are limited to 10 characters. This is the same limit as it is on the TX81Z.

When you rename items, the library will be resorted if you have it sorted by name.


This brings up the Edit Item Comment box so you can enter a new comment.

All the selected items will be given the same comment. Comments are limited to 40 characters.

When you recomment items, the library will be resorted if you have it sorted by comment.


This button allows you to compare the parameters of two items. It will bring up the Item Comparison window, which lists each parameter and the values of the two items. The top item of the selection is on the left, and the bottom one is on the right. Differences between the items are highlighted in red, or whatever the current highlight color is.

You can configure the list to show only items that are different, only items that are the same, or all items in the View menu of the Item Comparison window.

There are a few limitations with this function:

The Compare button in the main window will be disabled if these conditions are not met.