List Boxes

List boxes are boxes that display a list of items and allow you select one or many items. They usually hold more items than can fit in the box, so they have a scroll bar to enable you to view all of the items.

Selecting Items In A List Box

There are different types of list boxes. Some of them only allow you to select one item, and some of them allow you to select multiple items. In addition, the way multiple items are selected can vary from list box to list box. I will run through the different ways of selecting items. These are all applicable to the list boxes you'll see in the TX81Z Programmer, just note that some of these may not apply to every list box in Windows.

You can select a single item by clicking on it.

You can select multiple items by clicking and dragging up or down the list.

You can also select multiple items by clicking on the first item, (which sets the anchor, as indicated by the dotted focus rectangle) holding the shift key and clicking on another item. This will select all of the items between the two you clicked on.

You can also select multiple items by clicking each item individually while holding down the control key.

You can also select non-contiguous blocks of items by combining the shift and control keys.

You can keep selecting groups of items by repeating the last two steps.

The control key can also be used to deselect selected items, either one at a time by control-clicking, or multiple items by using the control-shift technique outlined above.