Microtunings Editors

I threw the microtunings editors in for the sake of completeness. I am personally not into microtuning, so I know nothing about it. But if you are truly interested in microtunings, then you'll definitely want to use something like Scala by Manuel Op de Coul, which is a complete package for experimenting with microtunings and it can send microtuning tables to the TX81Z. A real microtuning editor like that is way beyond the scope of this little program.

These editors are pretty simple. Each key has three sliders and a readout on the right. The top two sliders are the note/coarse frequency the key should play and the fine frequency in units of 64/100 cents. The bottom slider is the overall frequency in units of 64/100 cents. The readout on the right is the frequency that an operator plays if its frequency ratio is set to 1.00 and there is no transposition or pitch bending or anything.