Pitch Modulation Controls

The pitch modulation controls determine how much the LFO changes the overall pitch of the sound.


This is a factor that affects the overall depth of pitch modulation. It's kind of like a multiplier that increases the effects of the other four controls.


This determines the base depth of the pitch modulation. If this is increased, the sound will always have pitch modulation, regardless of the mod wheel, foot controller, and breath controller.


These settings determine the range of the increase in amplitude modulation by the mod wheel, foot controller, and breath controller respectively. The increase is added to the value of the AMD setting, so for example, if the AMD is set to 50 and the MW is set to 50, and you turn up the mod wheel halfway, the resulting depth will be 75.

The BC setting can also affect aftertouch if the unit is set up to use it. See the AT -> BC setting in the section on system setup.