Portamento Controls

Portamento is used to make the pitch glide from note to note as you play the sound.

Poly Mode/Mono Mode

This setting determines whether the sound is polyphonic or monophonic. Poly mode is the normal setting, and this allows you to play chords with the sound. Mono mode only allows you to play one note at a time with the sound, but it's useful if you want a monophonic feel to the sound and also in situations where you want more control over the gliding of the portamento.

Full Time Porta/Fingered Porta

This setting only affects the sound if it's in mono mode. If full time portamento is turned on, then the sound will glide from note to note, even if the notes are played staccato. If fingered portamento is on, the glide will only occur when the notes are played legato.

Porta Time

This is the slowness at which the glide occurs. The higher the value the slower the glide.