Snapshot Area

Snapshot List Box

The main feature of the snapshot area is the list in the center. Everything that can be manipulated in the TX81Z shows up in the snapshot list. The list is divided into two columns within the list box. The column on the left is the item type, and the column on the right is the item name.

The snapshot list box is an ordinary Windows list box. The only modification to it is with the drawing of it, but that doesn't affect the functionality at all. For a discussion of how list boxes work see List Boxes.

Actions are performed on individual items by selecting them and pushing one of the buttons to the left or right of the list (see Snapshot Buttons), or by double clicking on them.

Double-Clicking Items

Double-clicking on an item will generally open the editor for that item, but there are exceptions for the bank and library items that I'd like to discuss.

When you double-click on a bank or library item, the program copies the selected item to an edit buffer first. This is because all edits occur only on the snapshot's edit buffer as opposed to edits affecting bank or library items directly, as discussed in the section on Edit Buffers.

The program will also try to synchronize the unit with what is in the snapshot edit buffer. This happens in one of two ways:

You can also configure double-clicking on a bank item to send a program change without opening an editor. This makes it faster to audition the patches in the unit. This is done by going into the Options menu and checking Do Not Open Editor When Double-Clicking Bank Items.

Note that sometimes you can load a snapshot from a file that doesn't match the bank loaded on the TX81Z. The program has no way to know when this happens and you'll just have to re-synch the two.

The Selected Indicator

Just above the list and to the right is a readout that tells you how many items are selected in the list. This is useful when copying items from a library into the snapshot because the same number of items need to be selected in each in order to copy them (see the Copy Items From Lib button).

The File Name Indicator

The gray text field at the top of the window tells you the file name of the snapshot you have open.

If you're working on a snapshot from scratch, the indicator will be blank.

If the snapshot has been modified but not saved, this will be colored red (or whatever color you have chosen as the highlight color; see Set Highlight Color... for more).

You can configure the indicator to display the full path to the file by going into the Options menu and checking Show Full Path Names.

See also: Snapshot Menu, Snapshot Buttons