Synchronization With The Snapshot While Editing

When you edit a voice in the voice editor of the program, the program will apply the edit to the edit buffer in the snapshot and it will send a parameter change message to the the TX81Z. In other words, the program will try to keep two synchronized.

This process isn't perfect, however, and the two can sometimes fall out of sync with each other and you'll have to manually synchronize them.

You can either send the snapshot's edit buffer to the TX81Z, or retrieve the TX81Z's edit buffer to update the snapshot to get them back into sync. This can be done using the Editor menu of the editor you are working in, or with buttons to the right of the snapshot list in the main window.

Automatic Synchronization

My goal with this program was to try and create a transparent interface to the unit, but the communication from the TX81Z to the program is very limited, so I needed to hack around the limitations, and I did this by retrieving dumps and analyzing them to figure out what state the unit is in. This was kind of tricky but I think it works pretty good. The situations where the data is retrieved automatically are as follows:

So those are all of the synchronization scenarios. Wasn't that fun? I don't think it's really important to remember all that. As long as you don't treat the snapshot data like permanent data, then you should be safe from data loss.

I don't think the system setup and program change are all that important, but it's possible to lose a voice or performance that you've been working on if you're not careful.

The thing is is that it was a design decision I made between convenience and safety, and I chose convenience. I think in the long run, when you're comfortable with the program, that convenience is better. I probably worry too much about it, but I really have no idea who will be using this program and what type of skills people have. I just don't know.

What I do know is that I downloaded an editor for my FS1R one time and I clicked on something before I knew how it worked, and it wiped out all of the data on my FS1R, 100 voices, 100 performances, many of them programmed from the front panel, and I had no backup or anything. I was pretty ticked off about it and I pretty much quit making music altogether after that, so I don't want that to happen to anyone.